James E. Motyl

Software Engineer / Full Stack Developer

With knowledge in and experiences with...

  • Embedded Software
  • IoT
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP
  • SEO, Open Graph
  • MySQL / MongoDB / mLab
  • Electronic Circuitry
  • Technical Documentation

About Me

I am a software engineer with 30+ years of professional experience. Prior to becoming a software engineer I was an electronic engineering technician. And over the years I have been able to utilize my experiences from both disciplines.

I have completed the Northwestern University Coding Boot Camp where I have acquired the skills to become a Full Stack Developer. My intent is to combine my years of engineering experience with the new skills that I have learned to set myself on a renewed career path.

I've also been experimenting with small micro-controllers and researching IoT. A lot of what I've encountered is familiar to me because of my experiences with embedded controls and electronics.